Design not made for humans. By Alessi.

I’ve renovated my apartment recently and in the renovation plan included the Alessi Piana chair from David Chipperfield. They looked slim, foldable and colorful enough to catch my attention. (Don’t they?)
Well, 7 months later they’ve opened up in the bottom structure, making the chair loose for people weighting over 80kgs. The sensation is that the chair is going to fold anytime, but in reverse. Not that it did, but the sensation is uncomfortable enough for me to have it sent to Alessi for “analysis”.
Well, they got back to me today, here is their verdict: Overweight.
I explained that I weight around 90kgs and my wife way less than that. And that I can not remember anyone very heavy, like 150kgs plus heavy, seating on those chairs.

They answered: “This chair has a max weight of 100kgs.”.

Really Alessi? Is that so Chipperfield? 100kgs?

Well, a woman with a child in her lap or any men with over 190 cm height weights more than that.

Considering the current world population average weight, I think this chair is a beautiful museum artifact. So my plead for you Alessi is:

Please, produce only enough pieces to have it exposed in the coolest museums on earth. Otherwise you are cluttering the planet with useless waste.
In doing so you will be helping design. I explain. Because of those kinds of crap some people question design, they think it is a way to create colorful waste. Don’t give them a point Alessi. Don’t sell stuffs that are not made for humans.

Cause THAT, is not design. It is called crap. And our oceans are full of it.

And …Chipperfield: Chairs are like buildings, yes, but ones that people can seat on. Please take that in consideration on the next try. Nice buildings though.

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